RP Bio is a bio health company to create innovation for health.
RP Bio is a true partner to understand and support the lives of people by realizing values for 'healthy lives.'

Our History

RP Bio continues the innovation for healthy lives of mankind since 1983

2021 Established new building of RP Bio Corporation
2019 Established new factory for medicines and health functional food (Mado)
2016 Split from RP Corp to RP Bio Inc.
2012 Merged with Daewoong Trading Co./ Renamed RP Corp/ Awarded for National Productivity (sponsored by the Prime Minister)/ ISO9001 Certification
2011 Awarded for National Productivity Award (sponsored by Knowledge Economy Ministry)
2009 Expanded business as a health functional food company (OEM/ODM)
2008 Established the 2nd Plant of Health Functional Foods (Hyangnam)
2005 Approved by qualified companies of superior health function food manufacturing standards (No. 3 in Korea)
2004 Authorized the manufacturing industry (No. 2 in Korea) that specializes in health functional foods.
2003 Renamed R&P Korea Co., Ltd. and Established health functional food plant 1 (Sungnam)
2000 HPCCP Certificate (Product Quality Certificate), Established R&D Laboratory, Introduction of Barcode System
1999 Obtained permission from the distribution business
1996 Obtained permission to manufacture health functional foods
1986 Initial approval of the KGMP qualified soft capsule business (medicine)
1984 Acquired permission to manufacture medicines/GMP factory completion (Hyangnam factory)
1983 RP Scherer Korea Foundation
1982 Joint venture contract with U.S. RP Scherer and Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.