RP Bio is a bio health company to create innovation for health.
RP Bio is a true partner to understand and support the lives of people by realizing values for 'healthy lives.'

Biohealth Innovation Company, RP Bio

RP Bio is a bio health company to create innovation for health.
Not as an innovation for technology, we are pursuing a warm bio-health innovation for people that makes our world healthier every day.

RP Bio is a global producer of soft capsules established in 1983 as a joint venture between Daewoong Pharmaceutical and R.P. Scherer Corporation, the world's largest manufacturer of soft capsules.
RP Bio has been recognized as the KGMP eligible facility for the first time among soft capsule manufacturers in Korea and also as a qualified GMP manufacturer to produce soft capsules in all areas related to the pharmaceutical industry, including medicine and health functional food

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    Advanced technology accumulated over 85 years

    RP Bio inherits the original technology and know-how of the world’s No. 1 soft capsule, "RP Scherer," producing the best product for the healthy life of mankind.
    Through independent and continuous research on new product development at the Central Research Institute, the company continuously applies for patent technology and presents a new direction to the domestic pharmaceutical industry.

    • Successive technology of RP Scherer, the world’s No. 1 soft capsule maker
    • Korea's sole source technology for manufacturing soft capsules
    • More than 60 patent technology related to Bio/Pharmaceutical
    • Representative patent technology of RP: Neosol®/Neogel®

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    The world-class quality that opens up the future

    RP Bio is the most trusted partner to study and validate quality more thoroughly.
    RP Bio is globalizing product quality through a technology partnership with leading global companies.
    Through advanced production facilities, quality testing is conducted in all production processes, and we have been thoroughly managing the product even after release through regular inspection, and striving for quality assurance.

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    Partner with top 48 pharmaceuticals

    • New factory of RP BIO is equipped with advanced facilities.
    • Implement strict quality test in all the courses of production.
    • Quality control from regular inspection after the release
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    Sophisticated, delicate solution for one person

    RP Bio provides the best customized solution after gathering a wide range of customer needs.
    We deliver the most ideal and optimized solution ever, with true concern, research, and sophisticated and delicate product innovation for the people who take the product and the way it is.

    • Production capacity for various types of soft capsules (animal, vegetable, chewable), tablet (non-synthetic, chewable) and hard capsules and jelly stick etc.
    • Quickly and professionally provide one stop service for the entire process from product planning to delivery
    • Various prescription for main ingredient characteristics

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    Bio innovative company that grows with customers

    RP Bio, based on its corporate philosophy of healthy co-prosperity with customers, is always growing with customers and driving innovation in bio-health.
    By delivering healthy benefits throughout life, RP Bio is building a foundation for a healthy life with our customers today.

RP Bio grows with customers Innovative bio-health company for all the generations and the whole mankind