RP Bio always opens to everyone who wants to create warm and healthy future.


Making a bright future with advanced technology Grow up with RP Bio

We’d like to grow up with you as a leading company for human health.

  • 01

    Resume & Cover letter

  • 02

    1st interview

  • 03

    2nd interview

    (A day work with each team)

  • 04

    Final Acceptance

  • ※ Only those who pass the document step will be contacted individually, but the failures are not.
  • ※ For people with experience, additional interviews may be conducted except for the second interview.
  • ※ Men who served in Army or be exempted from military service should not be disqualified from overseas travel.
  • ※ Veterans and disabled people shall be given preferential treatment under the relevant laws.
  • ※ RP Group restricts the hiring of smokers.

Welfare benefits

The RP Group has operated and built various welfare programs
for employees to live a healthy life.

  • 경조사 지원

    Supporting the family events

    In case of each family events,
    we share the congratulations and consolation.

    • - Supporting expenditure for congratulations and condolences
    • - Managing Intra-Company Labor Welfare Fund Act
  • 휴무ㆍ휴가

    Day offㆍVacation

    Maximizing the business efficiency through both five-day week and flexible day off system

    • - Using 22 flexible day-off system
    • - A two-week long vacation once a year
    • - All members have a day-off between two holidays.
  • 여가 지원

    Supporting Leisure Life

    Various leisure systems that support work-life balance

    • - Caravan, Membership resort
    • - Leave work an hour early every Friday
    • - Encourage club activities(Soccer/Basketball/Bowling/Reading books etc.)
  • 건강 care

    Health Care

    Linked Service of Specialized Medical Institutions/Welfare Facilities for the Health Care of Employees

    • - A free physical checkup
    • - Affiliate with Corporate Welfare Service
  • 직원 할인혜택

    Discount benefits for employees

    Special discounts on cultural life(Concert, Restaurant etc.) only for RP employees

    • - Restaurant Café M, HEIS(Audio)
    • - Maria Callas Hall(Concert, Venue rental)
    • - Den/Den Story(Publication), Caravan(Camping), 하늘맛(Seasonal food)
  • 직원 선물

    Gifts for employees

    Various gifts for birthdays, holidays, and various anniversaries

    • - Congratulatory gifts for birthday, marriage, childbirth
    • - Quarterly selection of outstanding employees and gifts
  • 생활 보조

    Livelihood Assistance

    Welfare benefits for families that ensure a stable life for employees

    • - Support of school expenses for
      employee’s children
      (Middle school/High school/University)
    • - House lease/Purchase fund loan
    • - Company housing service
      (in Hyangnam/in Mado)
  • 장기근속 포상

    Long service awards

    Give award out of gratitude to the employees who have been working steadily for the development of RP Bio.

    • - Award for long-term employed people
    • - Award ceremony for regular retirement

Recruit Inquiries

If you have any questions about recruitment,
please call the relevant department below.

  • Head office

    Head office



  • Factory


    전화 (Hyangnam) 031-353-1361 (103)
    (Mado) 031-5183-3604