R & D

Open the future with continuous research.
In order to keep our values, RP Bio promises for a healthy and happy life through continuous research and development.

Research Field

R&D Objectives

The popularization of soft capsules suggests a new direction for the domestic pharmaceutical market

  • Development of differentiated products by famous pharmaceutical companies in Korea
  • Building the latest information system and developing scientific products
  • Seek to maximize bioavailability
  • Ensure reliability of products
  • Soft capsules develop into high value products

R&D Field

Exploring a new future with constant research

  • Soft capsule formation (Pharmaceutical products, Health functional foods, etc.)
  • Development fast-acting pharmaceutical products through the study of formulation and improvement of forms
  • Trouble shooting and technical support based on scientific evidence
  • Research for functional food ingredients and develop products
  • Securing exclusive technology through patent application
    • 일반의약품

      General medicine (OTC)

    • 전문의약품

      Specialized medicine (ETC)

    Manufacture the smallest and most luxurious soft capsules based on the liquid solution technology of the contents.
    RP Bio produces the smallest and most luxurious soft capsules than other products with patented technology that solves the insoluble ingredients.
    The highest level of stability.
    The use of special plasticizers will solve the chronic problem of soft capsules.
    (Dissolution / Breakage / Extract Crystallization of Contents / Swealing) Based on the characteristics of the contents, RP Bio produces only high-quality products with a stable film prescription.
  • ‘Health functional food’ is a product that is manufactured and processed using functional ingredients, and it is divided into notified and individually certified ingredients.

    Noticed raw materials

    Functional ingredients listed in ‘health functional food encyclopedia’
    Separate authorized procedures are not required if they comply with the manufacturing standards, specifications and requirements of finished products.
    There are about 95 types of raw materials listed, including nutrients (vitamins and minerals, dietary fiber, etc.).

    Individually recognized raw materials

    Raw materials not listed in ‘health functional food encyclopedia’, but individually recognized by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
    The business operator should submit information on the safety, functionality, standards and specifications of the raw materials to be recognized as functional ingredients through evaluation in accordance with the relevant regulations. Also, only authorized companies can manufacture or sell raw materials.
    Individually recognized functional ingredients can be registered in the health functional food encyclopedia and converted into noticed raw materials.
  • Development of new materials with enhanced functionality

    RP Bio was recognized for its unique competitiveness in research and development of new materials by carrying out various national projects.
    RP Bio aims to develop natural materials to a global level with global competitiveness as well as the domestic market.
    Decrease body fat, Improve cognitive function and liver function.
    Respiratory health and Atopic improvement, Gastric health improvement

    Development of high-performance health functional food with various functionality

    RP Bio supplies raw materials through MOUs with leading domestic and overseas companies for development of functional foods that contain physiological active ingredients considering a priority of safety and quality.
    We'll be your best partner who help you to get the best results with a wide range of functional foods.
  • Improvement of absorption rate

    Improve absorption rate of insoluble drugs
    Improvement in absorption speed and rate compared to existing products for the purpose of increase bioavailability
    Research on sustained release agents

    Size reduction

    Improved ease of use and shape compared to existing products
    Improved size by reducing unnecessary excipient

    Research on formulation

    • 연질캡슐

      Soft capsule

    • 정제&경질캡슐

      Tablet & hard capsule

    • 젤리 / 겔 / 검보

      Jelly/ gel/ gumbo

    • 분말