R & D

Open the future with continuous research.
In order to keep our values, RP Bio promises for a healthy and happy life through continuous research and development.

Innovative Technology

  • Neosol Patent Technology
    (Patent number : 10-0612070, 10-0517653)

    1st Patent: Accelerate effectiveness by converting drugs into liquid form
    Technology improved the effectiveness of drugs by improving the low absorption rate and bioavailability of insoluble acid drugs
    2nd Patent: Film manufacturing technology of pharmaceutically stable soft gelatin capsule
    Technology improving content reduction and delay of disintegration by using special plasticizer
  • Neo-Gel Patent Technology (Patent number : 10-0575199)

    Manufacturing method of film compositions with improved stability of soft capsule
    A technique for improving stability and quality by using compound of polysaccharides and improved starch in soft capsule film. This prevents problems such as blooming, disintegration, leakage and sticking by each other.

    ※ Blooming: A phenomenon in which the outer surface of a capsule turns into white. If sorbitol solution is contained in large quantities as a plasticizer, sorbitol crystals are extracted outside the film depends on the storage conditions such as temperature, humidity during distribution.

  • Soft Capsule Manufacturing Technology

    1. Vegetable soft capsules (Patent number : 10-1401510)
    Technology of soft capsule manufacturing utilizing vegetable origin material (Carrageenan)
    : "Carrageenan is a polysaccharide obtained by hot water extraction of red algae, used as a substitute for animal skin with its inherent viscosity and gelation capabilities, and an improved soft capsule that further enhances the physical/chemical stability of animal (Gelatin) capsules "
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  • Soft Capsule Manufacturing Technology

    2. Enteric soluble soft capsules (Patent number : 10-2006407)
    Patent technology in which capsules are disintegrated in intestine by releasing effective ingredients.
    : A technique that high polysaccharide pectin which is originated by citrus is added to the process of manufacturing the film. It allows that capsule is being disintegrated in the intestine not stomach.

    ※ Advantage: Protect the contents from stomach acid, no smell after ingestion

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  • Soft Capsule Manufacturing Technology

    3. Chewable Soft Capsule
    Technology of manufacturing chewable-type soft capsules which can be take in without drinking water
    : Available to manufacture in various shapes and small size along with great texture without remaining substances
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  • Natural Processing Method Considering Consumer’s safety

    1.Natural color (containing natural pigments extracted from nature)
    The largest number of natural color options in the soft capsule manufacturing business
    Helpful to weak children and pregnant women who are sensitive of healthcare
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  • Natural Processing Technology Considering Consumer’s safety

    2. Non-synthetic additives tablet (tablet composed of natural organic ingredients which is no synthetic problem issue)
    Improved the problem about deterioration in product quality and crumbling issue by packing with aqua-coating
    PTP packaging is also available in accordance with features like high hardness and no powder flake issue on the film surface of tablet
    Main products : Vitamin D, Iron, zinc, Folic acid, Multi-vitamin mineral, Vitamin C, etc.
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